French-language novel

Gabriel entre chien et loup

* Canadian Best Seller, February 2016
* Youth novel – ages 10 to 14

During our canoe trips, my mother called us a “pack”, so I learned to howl like a real wolf. AAAH-OOOOOO!

It is with such a howl that the adventure of a lifetime opens up for Gabriel. Away from school and home for six weeks… Participating in a reality TV show… Living the life of the voyageurs hired by the fur-trading companies. To succeed at this incredible challenge, Gabriel will need to use all of his personal resources as well as those of his Aboriginal and European ancestors.

Playful in its approach and rigorous in its research on the life of the voyageurs, this novel deals with questions of identity, communication and leadership. However, it is first and foremost a work that will take you on a journey through the turbulent waters of the life of a 14-year-old Metis youth.

The author: Janine Tougas

Born and raised in Manitoba, Janine Tougas has been a writer for over 30 years — game books (Rions en français, La magie des marionnettes), book series for children (The Small World of Paul and Susan, Enfant de la planète), radio shows (Les petites oreilles) and television shows (Paul et Suzanne, Carmen à la campagne, Francomobile and Canot Cocasse). She has a Master's of Education and a Master's in Fine Arts. Gabriel entre chien et loup is a Canadian best seller and the second novel in La Collection Voyage.

The illustrator: Alexis Flower

Alexis is a Winnipeg artist who works in several disciplines. He has illustrated several books for Les Éditions des Plaines, notably an adult novel entitled Sang d’encre : Bloodmajiq, which he authored and illustrated. The illustrations in Gabriel entre chien et loup are his creations and his second collaboration with Janine Tougas.