La Collection Voyage written by Janine Tougas follows the adventures of four youth from St. Rita, a Metis community in Manitoba. These young protagonists journey in discovery of their inner and outer geography and history.

La Collection Voyage integrates the value of Metis heritage, weaving it like a shining thread into the tapestry of modern life, while infusing a good measure of practicality and fun.


The novels Mélina et la chasse aux bisonsGabriel entre chien et loup, Henri et le cheval noir, Sylvianne aux couleurs du corbeau allow readers to question themselves on their own origins, identity, interests and in which way they can transform themselves and change the world. 


“This series is ideal for français schools and unique because it contains a historic segment skillfully integrated in the story throughout the different books of the series.”
Sylvie Mathers, teacher

“The likable Metis youth that we see growing up in these four stories truly belong to our times. In French Immersion schools, starting from the 8th grade, get your students to enjoy reading with these books!”
Philippe Le Dorze, A.C.P.I president (2009-2012)

“The characters in these books are like superheroes in their courage and imagination. It shows us that we can also be superheroes in our own lives.”
6th grade, école française

“Because of these books, I have become more interested in 'Michif' history and heroes like Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel.”
6th grade, école française