French-language resource

Enfant de la planète : au Canada (Child of the Planet in Canada) kits serve as resource material for Social Studies, French and to integrate various subject matters aimed at students 6 to 9 years of age.

Enfant de la planète : au Canada features Cody, an Aboriginal youth who introduces us to his family, his community, his traditions and to other First Nations people in Canada.

* Approved by the Aboriginal Directorate, Education Manitoba and by Le Centre de leadership et d'évaluation for Ontario’s Department of Education.

In this third and fourth kit of the Enfant de la Planète series, pupils will explore their own community and another Canadian community, in this instance an Aboriginal community.

Pupils will study different aspects of Canadian communities and examine how these communities have changed over time. They will become aware of human interdependence as well as human dependence as relates to the natural world.