Jaimie and the Bison Hunt

How does the bison hunt, a Western Canadian Metis tradition that’s 150 years old, transform Jaimie's life in modern times?

Jaimie is 12 years old. She’s a young Canadian Metis whose ancestors are Anishinaabe and French. At school, she feels a little lost amongst the other students. One day, she agrees to participate in a bison hunt simulation. This simple class project results in new friendships and teaches her to take risks, frightening forward movement but especially a journey full of discovery. Through the bison hunt, Jaimie becomes aware of the richness of her culture and her own immense potential.

Playful in its approach and rigorous in its research, this novel describes the traditional organisation of the bison hunt and its vital importance in the social and economic fibre of the Metis people extremely well. Jaimie and the Bison Hunt deals with questions of identity, self-esteem and leadership. However, it is first and foremost a work of fiction rich in adventure imbued in human values.

Janine Tougas

Born and raised in Manitoba, Janine Tougas has been a writer for over 30 years — game books (Rions en français, La magie des marionnettes), book series for children (The Small World of Paul and Susan, Enfant de la planète), radio shows (Les petites oreilles) and television shows (Paul et Suzanne, Carmen à la campagne, Francomobile, Canot Cocasse). She has a Master's of Education and a Master's of Fine Arts. Jaimie and the Bison Hunt is an adaptation of Mélina et la chasse au bison and the first novel in The Voyage Collection.

Alexis Flower

Alexis is a multidisciplinary Winnipeg artist. He has illustrated several books for Les Éditions des Plaines, notably an adult novel entitled Sang d’encre : Bloodmajiq, which he both authored and illustrated. The illustrations in Jaimie and the Bison Hunt are his creations and his first collaboration with Janine Tougas.