Our Story

Apprentissage Illimité is a Manitoba (Canada) publishing house founded in 1995 in order to offer dynamic and practical tools to address the growing needs of teaching the French language expressed by preschool groups, parent associations as well as French and Immersion schools in the country. This particular attention to the pupil-parent-educator interaction continues today to be first and foremost in its products.

Although Apprentissage Illimité was initially founded to respond to a specific need in early childhood education, this company has throughout the years evolved to serve a clientele of all ages, always taking a holistic approach to learning into consideration. For over 20 years, this publishing house has offered a large gamut of products and continues to pay attention to the emergent needs of our educational communities: parent associations, preschool organizations, French Aboriginal groups, teachers’ associations and departments of education.

The Education Departments of most Canadian provinces have adopted Apprentissage Illimité’s products and use them as resources conforming to the curriculum. Furthermore, the Departments of Education in Louisiana and in Utah in the USA have officially accepted the products of the Paul and Suzanne collection as part of their educational programming for their Français schools and their French Immersion schools.

Spreading in its first years’ market to local, provincial and national levels, Apprentissage Illimité now sells in many areas of North America as well as internationally (in France, China, Morocco, Russia).