Paul et Suzanne audionumérique Série 4 - Le lecteur en développement

French-language resource

Le lecteur en développement is made up of 30 graded books divided into three levels of difficulty. This series further explores the world of Paul and Suzanne, friendly and funny twins. These books provide an invaluable tool for children’s language and reading development.

The main features of these texts are:

  • More elaborate episodes and events
  • Longer descriptions
  • Links to familiar stories
  • Literary language in a few instances
  • Out-of-the-ordinary vocabulary that poses a bit of a challenge
  • Texts that are moderately supported by the illustrations

 30 titles (books) Grade 3

Empathy and cooperation are highlighted. As well, to facilitate language acquisition and support reading development, a dynamic audio narration follows the text, word for word, on each page. The audio track can be activated or not, according to the preferences of the child, parent or educator.