La Collection Voyage / The Voyage Collection

Jaimie and the Bison Hunt (adaptation of Mélina et la chasse au bison)

Mélina et la chasse au bison has been read and approved by an education committee composed of teachers and educational consultants from l’Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba, the longest running Metis organization in Canada, (129 years old), having had Louis Riel as one of its founding members.

Readers' Comments:

“I was intrigued by the unraveling of Jaimie’s character as each chapter went by. I couldn’t help but notice this sense of adventure of self-acceptance and self-discovery that her and I shared. It’s difficult for me to acknowledge my gifts. I have now learned the true importance of being aware of your gifts/abilities and accepting them for what they are. Life presents you with an opportunity to live up to your potential. That’s why knowing it is crucial. I enjoyed this book as I was able to step into Jaimie’s shoes and share the adventure”excerpt of a letter from Tasha Kaye, Metis.

“Mélina’s story could be my own. Like Mélina, I went from being a shy Metis girl to a young woman who was proud and confident!”, Thérèse Carrière, 86 years of age, is a member of l’Union nationale métisse de Saint-Joseph du Manitoba. Mrs Carrière, a teacher and educational consultant by profession, was one of the first readers of the Mélina et la chasse au bison novel.

“For over 45 years, I have worked with students, teachers and support staff in individual classrooms, in schools and school divisions to develop learning strategies that fit students’ learning styles. I have worked in every province and territory in Canada with Métis, First Nations and Inuit communities.

I consider that the books in The Voyage Collection are inspiring and will be supportive to many young people and adults in search of a deeper sense of connection to themselves and to their roots. I would recommend The Voyage Collection to all readers, irrespective of background and age as the themes of hope, possibilities, growth and risk-taking for a deeper participation in life are universal themes.

I am not one to "get lost" in books of fiction but these books are fiction enough to be gripping and reality enough to engage me in the importance of its outcomes. A critical part of the student’s world is the impact of the inner as they explore the outer. These books have an impact on both the journey of the inner and the outer for the reader. Simply put "they inspire possibility thinking."", Richard W. Puteran, Child & Family counselor, Brandon

“This series reflects the reality of today’s youth. The characters are appealing and we can follow their evolution from one novel to another. Young people can identify with one or another of the characters not only through the events portrayed but through the emotions that these characters experience as well. This series is ideal for français schools and unique because it contains a historic segment skillfully integrated in the story throughout the different books of the series. It is quite possible to explore the historic aspect of the Metis nation while studying the novels.” Sylvie Mathers, teacher

“I’ve read with much enjoyment the novels of La Collection Voyage. The likable Metis youth that we see growing up in these four stories truly belong to our times. They live challenges that will appeal to all readers, male and female. For French Immersion schools, starting from the 8th grade, get your students to enjoy reading with these books!”, Philippe Le Dorze, Associate Professor at l'Université de Saint-Boniface, ACPI President (Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers)— 2009-2012

For many years, I was the volunteer librarian at my son and daughter's elementary school.  I have put many of your books away on the shelves of that library!  I give you credit for teaching my son, Jasper, how to read in French, through your wonderful Paul et Suzanne series!  When Jasper was in Grade One, and reading your books, his teacher's first name happened to be Suzanne, and her husband is Paul, so she added a funny personal connection to each of your stories.  Jasper thought that was hilarious. Thank you for your wonderful work, Janine!  
Many thanks,
Colleen Leduc, Volunteer Librarian

Kanata : je suis ici / Kanata: I Am Here

“Your project is really a carrier of meaning. It’s a tool that will allow us to help pupils develop a sense of belonging to the Francophone community and to value the cultural diversity of our country.”, Corrine Simiganoschi et Lianne Lefebvre, teachers (Ontario)

“This tool allows me to help my pupils, whatever their level of linguistic proficiency. The photos, the dynamic presentation, the themes that are chosen really reach the boys in my group.”, Raynald Dupuis, teacher (Manitoba)

“The big need is oral language development. Kanata : je suis ici creates authentic communication contexts to enable children to speak to what resembles them and what touches them.”, Annick Godin-Thériault, educational consultant, (Nova Scotia)

“The timing is great. Next year, we are putting the emphasis on writing. But to master the ability to write, you must first master the ability to speak.”, Yvonne Careen, school principal (North West Territories)  

“As a consultant at the Aboriginal Education Directorate, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to review this resource and to provide guidance/support for the “Kanata: je suis ici” project for Apprentissage Illimité. Through storytelling, this project aims to promote identity and language awareness; engage students in interactive discussions and games through the sharing of cultural knowledge, it is expected the results will yield an increase in shared acceptance and cultural awareness.

I believe that this project will definitely create some remarkable changes in students. It will help the students to become aware of their identity while learning about others.

I would also like to acknowledge the generosity and willingness of all participants that took the time to share their experience to enrich this project.

I congratulate you on your planning of this project and on the positive impact that this project will have in many schools and communities. It is designed to provide valuable educational support to teachers and school divisions.”, Marlene Gallagher, Education Consultant, Aboriginal Education Directorate, Manitoba,