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  • French-language resource

    11 activities to promote oral communication in an Interactive whiteboard format. Compatible with Smart Board and Promethean.

  • Complete list of activities: 

    Jeu des marmottes — Expression en vedette!
    Touch a groundhog to uncover the linking word. Use this linking word in a sentence. 

    Jeu des marmottes — Parle-moi de ça!

    Touch a groundhog to uncover a discussion topic and talk about it for one minute.

    Jeu des marmottes — Je me présente… 
    Touch a groundhog to uncover a wild animal found in Canada. Present facts about this animal while taking on this animal’s identity. 

    Des grimaces en masse 1 
    Find the pairs of antonyms. 

    Des grimaces en masse 2 

    Find the pairs of antonyms. 

    Des grimaces en masse 3 
    Find the pairs of antonyms. 

    Ça roule, les mots! 
    Find the greatest number of words starting with the letter that appears on the screen and that correspond to the indicated category.

    Ça roule, les phrases!
    Complete the unfinished sentence that appears on the wheel.

    Ça roule, la conversation! 
    Participate in different types of conversations, as suggested by the wheel.

    L’Étoile, la lune, le soleil 
    Find ten stars, eight moons and five suns by making sentences conjugated in the past tense with the auxiliary “to be”. 

    The 15 game boards are:

    • aller
    • sortir 
    • partir 
    • tomber 
    • passer 
    • naître 
    • retourner
    • venir 
    • arriver
    • entrer 
    • rester
    • pronominal 1 
    • pronominal 2
    • pronominal 3 
    • pronominal 4 

    Deviner la séquence 
    Find the hidden sequence by making sentences and conjugating verbs.

    The following categories are included:

    • Verbs in the present tense
    • Verbs in the infinitive
    • Verbs in the past tense
    • Idiomatic expressions 1
    • Idiomatic expressions 2

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