CD-ROM 1 - Le lecteur en éveil

French-language resource

ISBN : 0-9686901-3-0 

Paul et Suzanne in CD-ROM

Le lecteur en éveil — 3 to 5 years old

A new fun way to learn and play in French!

Children can play at home, at daycare or at school with their friends Paul and Suzanne. Games, activities, and exercises on CD-ROM Le lecteur en éveil  initiate children from 3 to 5 years old to the principles of literacy. 
Inspired and based on the little books of Series 1 of Le petit monde de Paul et Suzanne

10 games to develop thinking skills. Simple instructions are provided to support the child while playing the games. 

Singing and Dancing
20 lively songs. The lyrics for each song appear on the screen to support the child in singing along and to develop reading awareness.

Accompanied Reading
5 stories to amaze. Each story is read aloud. 

Visual Dictionary
Develops the child's vocabulary. Choose a letter and a list of words appears. The image and pronunciation of the chosen word is supplied. 

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