Ensemble of 22 mini-magazines

French-language resource

ISBN : 978-1-897328-04-0 


  • Ensemble of 22 mini-magazines, of which 2 are special editions featuring Véronic Dicaire and brothers Jonathan & David Toews.

    Youth profiles and the themes featured in these are at the heart of Kanata : je suis ici.

    Each mini-mag features:

    • the introduction of a young person and the basic vocabulary of the mini-mag through a photo-story
    • the young author presenting a family activity which is important to him/her
    • an adult from the family making connections between the  present, the past and the future
    • a more complex informative text providing other pertinent info related to this activity 

    Different reading levels

    Each mini-mag proposes texts with increasing levels of difficulty. In this way, students are offered the support needed to progressively improve their language proficiency. The kit allows the teacher to initiate all students in the class to the same content while taking into consideration each pupil's particular abilities. 

    • Specialized language  
    • Different types of writing are found in the mini-mag: narrative, informative, playful, poetic.

    Each mini-mag presents in its own way a specialized language, because although it deals with a subject that interests the young author and his/her family, it may be completely new to the reader. Narrative and informative texts acquaint the reader with specialized terms in an accessible context within these new topics. 

  • Here are the Kanata: je suis ici mini-magazine themes, as well as the names of the young authors and their origins: 

    • Arctic Fishing - Leevee from Nunavut
    • African Dance - Nelson from Ontario
    • The Bison – Riel from Quebec
    • The Drum – River from New Brunswick  
    • The Accordion – Jaden from Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Weaving – Danielle and Dominique from Ontario
    • Couscous – Imane from Manitoba
    • The Picasse – Joël from Nova Scotia
    • Salmon Fishing – Edward from Quebec
    • Tap Dancing – Simon from New Brunswick  
    • Hockey – Adam from Québec
    • Soccer – Jacqueline from Ontario
    • Bannock – Sara from Ontario  
    • Gratitude – Caelen from British Columbia
    • Fishing in the Yukon – Nadaya from the Yukon  
    • The Violin  – Zoé from Prince Edward Island
    • Ice-Fishing – Adrien from Manitoba 
    • Beekeeping – Patrice from Alberta
    • Trapping and Hunting – Devon from the Northwest Territories
    • Farming – Sarah from Saskatchewan
    • Song and Theatre – Véronic DiCaire from Ontario
    • Hockey – Jonathan and David Toews from Manitoba  


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