Pupil-home kit - Je découvre le français avec Petit Pas

French-language resource

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  • An educational tool for school and home created especially to initiate young children and their family to the French language. The simple and fun activities allow children to prepare in class first, which enables them to pursue their learning with their family at home.


  • The pupil-home kit includes:

    User's Guide for at home learning

    32-page Activity Book with 15 Activities (exploring 20 themes)
    (also available in English)

    A CD-ROM with 200 audio files to hear correct pronunciation of the alphabet, words, expressions and numbers from 1 to 20.

    8 Game Sheets ('Which family?', 'Search and find', 'Bingo', and 'Mirror')

    Compact Disc with 20 Thematic Songs (beginner and advanced versions)

    Every envelope includes:

    20 Thematic Sheets and Songs to explore in class and at home (with bilingual support), identified according to theme, on which is found vocabulary related to the theme as well as short activities suggested to families to allow them to explore the French language.

    Illustrated Vocabulary Cards that correspond to each theme (double copies, versions with the word and the article), to be used conjointly with the activity book.

    Thematic Song Sheet with blanks that corresponds to an activity in the activity book.


    ISBN: 978-1-897168-63-9

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