Mélina et la chasse au bison

French-language novel

Author: Janine Tougas
Illustrator: Alexis Flower
Collection: Voyage
Genre: Youth novel - ages 10 to 14
Pages: 176
Publication date: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-897328-51-4

Over 4500 copies sold in the first year

Approved by Le Centre de leadership et d'évaluation for Ontario’s Department of Education.

In this first novel of the series, we meet the four Metis youth that will make up the team of friends who will support each other in their personal and collective growth. By exploring the Metis bison hunt of the Canadian Prairies, Mélina discovers her voice and her path as a storyteller.

How does the bison hunt, a Western Canadian Metis tradition that’s 150 years old, transform Mélina's life in modern times?

Mélina is in grade 7. She’s a young Canadian Metis whose ancestors are Anishinaabe and French. A simple class project leads her to new friendships and takes her on a journey full of discovery that involves taking risks. Through the bison hunt, Mélina begins to understand the richness of her culture as well as her own immense potential.

Playful in its approach and rigorous in its research, this novel describes the traditional organisation of the bison hunt extremely accurately while highlighting its vital importance in the social and economic fibre of the Metis people. Mélina et la chasse au bison deals with questions of identity, self-esteem and leadership. However it is first and foremost a work of fiction rich in adventure and imbued in human values.


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