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    ISBN: 978-1-897328-87-3 

    Develop oral communication skills while gathering information about the Metis bison hunt.

    A great people-gathering event, the communal bison hunt was at the heart of Metis life in the Prairies from 1820 to 1860. How did the Metis get ready for the bison hunt?

    What did a bison hunt look like? What dangers awaited the hunting caravan?

    The information in the games allows students to appreciate the scope and organization of the most important event in 19th century Metis society. The playful format allows students to role-play a Metis person living this experience.

    Self-evaluation tools and additional information are made available for each of the Interactive Whiteboard games. Can be played in small groups or with the whole class.

  • Themes

    Parle-moi de la chasse (Tell Me About the Bison Hunt)

    Using linking words to discuss the bison hunt.

    La chasse au bison, c’est comme… (The Bison Hunt Is Like…)

    Making comparisons between the bison hunt and activities in one’s personal life.

    Les animaux sauvages du Canada (Wild Animals of Canada)

    Giving information on the bison and other wild animals of Canada.

    L’étoile, le soleil, la lune (5 jeux de déduction) The Star, the Sun, the Moon (5 deductive games)

    Conjugating verbs in the past tense using the auxiliary “to be”

    Exploring roles of each family member within the organizational structure of the bison hunt

    Des grimaces en masse (3 jeux de mémoire) Making Faces (3 memory games)

    Review of adjectives describing feelings and their antonyms

    Telling the story of the experience of the bison hunt

    Je suis Métis (I Am Metis)

    Using linking words

    Collaborating in a conversation by assuming the role of a Prairie Metis

    Les périples de la chasse (The Perils of the Hunt)

    Listing facts on the perils of the bison hunt

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